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I am having trouble inserting more then one row into a mysql database.
this is what I won't to do.

I am setting up a survey to see what customers think of the hotels we
booked for them. A form shows all the hotels booked by us voor a
perticulair client sorted by hotel. Next to it is a radio group
(example: excellent - good - not good)

The list of hotels booked by the client is show with a repeat region.
Following problems need to be overcome

1. per listed hotel the buttongroup needs to know its a new row
2. clients need to judge (via de selection of radio buttons in the
radio button group) how they feel the hotel was
3. to confirm the clients presses 1 submit button and the data is
added to the database

Hope anyone can help

Table where the data must be inserted looks like

surveyID (auto increases)
offerteID (hidden form var)
hotelID (hidden form var)
rateID (radio button group) values are 1 (excellent) 2 (good) 3
(avereage) 4 (below average) 5 (bad)
remarks (formfield)

Re: creating a complex form

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What have you tried? What were the problems. If you want me to design
this from scratch, what's your budget?

Re: creating a complex form

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You need to use arrays read in your db rows  into fields, to set up
your form and retrieve your data.

so SurveyID would be SurveyID[1]-SurveyID[20] or whatever.

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