createimagefromjpeg memory error

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Hi all,
I've this error on the createimagefromjpeg with many image on my server.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to  
allocate 11264 bytes) in ....

The worse thing is that even some images that are 500ko have this problem  
(I've limited the filesize to 1MB but this doesn't fix the problem as you  
can see 500ko has some problems). I can't change the 16MB limit from my  
hosting, so I've to find an other solution. I've asked to install the Netpbm  
library but this is not possible.

What's the solution for this problem ? The hosting said to go to a dedicated  
server but we can't (price).

Please help, many people have this problem.  

Re: createimagefromjpeg memory error

The problem is not the filesize but the number of megapixels that the  
picture has.
Probably with 16Mb you can only handle around 2 or 3 Megapixels whatever the  
jpg filesize is because this is what php GD allocates to manipulate a  
picture of a given size.

Research libraries that can be exec'd and work in a different process space.

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