create php objects from xml

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dear all

sorry for asking what is probably a simple question. What i want to do
is create objects from an XML file.
basically my tags are all object elements or attribute values ie each
indent is a new object. the classes for these objects are already
written, just the objects need to be created

i have classes for object1,2,3 that have definitions for the various
types that they will have.
what this should return (create) is an object of type object1. in this
there is an array of 2 objects of type object2 along with attributes
of type value1 and value2 with their values.

the first instance of object2 also has a instance of object3  which
has an attribute of type value 1 which equals 23

i have looked at all the exparsing, but it is more for viewing, and i
cant get them adaptd

basically just need something that can break the file down into its
indenting. there are only 3 objects deep in the xml before we reach
nodes with no children.



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