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Hello, I've searched and d/l'd but cant seem to find a way of creating
a semi-transparent drop shadow for an image.

Let me say, be fore I go on, I *do not* want one of those scripts that
resizes your image a bit to the left and bottom, and then grafts a
shadow onto it.  I want to use a full shadow (it would be about as big
as the image) and shift it a bit with CSS.  So, I will have the image
sitting in a DIV which will have the shadow as a bg.  This works fine
doing it manually.

So, I would like to find one of two alternatives:

1. (best) Create the shadow from given parameters(size, darkness,
spread, etc.)  I will write the .png to a folder, I dont really need to
create it dynamically each time, but want the ability for the future
(galleries) and for when I'm in development and images are changing,
moving around, etc.

2. (will work) Take a pre-existing shadow and resize it as needed, but
has to keep the transparency.


Thanks for your time,

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