cPanel Filter Email Pass-Thru Technique?

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I'm writing a PHP script that will be used as the designated cPanel
"action" in a filter on a specific email address on a shared hosting
account (HostGator)

My question is - after having a look at the actual message content and
processing appropriately, I want the message to "continue on it's way"
to the intended recipient address - in other words, after the PHP
"interception" the message should still show up in the user's webmail
as "unread".

What's the best way to go about this? If I simply resend to the same
address, it's just going to go back to the filter, right? I also need
the "from" in the email to show the original sender.

I realize I could post this in a cPanel group, but as I'm looking for
a PHP specific solution, I figured I'd try here first, and not cross-

Re: cPanel Filter Email Pass-Thru Technique?

On 12/19/2010 11:15 AM, Klaus wrote:
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Absolutely no idea what CPanel requires to do what you want.

This would not be a "php specific solution" - it would be a solution
which happens to be implemented in PHP.  There is a huge difference.

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