Counting survey votes

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Hi everyone,

Constructed a fairly big table with 20 rows, most of which are
TINYINTs based on user selection for a dropdown box. This is the form:

Each field obviously corresponds to a row in the table, and the
majority are integers indicating the user's selection.

My issue is how to do meaningful stuff with the stored data. I believe
I need to use GROUP BY functionality but I'm not certain - how can I
calculate, say, the number of "1" ('Excellent') values for the field


Re: Counting survey votes

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This doesn't really have that much to do with PHP; it's more related to  
SQL and databases in general.

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select count(*) from survey where writing_quality=1;

If you want the whole distribution of votes:

select writing_quality, count(writing_quality) from survey group by writing_quality;

which will get you a list of writing_quality values and the number
of votes that gave that value, e.g.:

writing_quality        count(writing_quality)
1            32
2            86
3            74
4            50
5            22
7            1

(note:  it seems nobody voted "6", so it is not listed).

If you want an overall average:

select avg(writing_quality) from survey;

which might give you 2.8 as an average.

You can also try things like:

select avg(writing_quality) from survey where sex = 'Male' and age >= 20 and age < 30;

which gives you a score from a specific segment of your users.

Re: Counting survey votes

On Jul 1, 7:47 pm, (Gordon Burditt) wrote:
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Thank you very much, I've managed to construct a nice-looking page
( ) - apologies for my
poor group choice here.


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