Could not initialize mcrypt

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I have the latest version of XAMPP installed on Windows XP Pro SP2. I
am trying to use mcrypt with rijnndael-128 on ecb:
$cr = mcrypt_module_open('rijndael-128','','ecb','') or
die('<br><br>Could not open Module<br><br>');
            $iv = mcrypt_create_iv(mcrypt_enc_get_iv_size($cr), MCRYPT_RAND)
or die('<br><br>Could not create iv<br><br>');
            mcrypt_generic_init($cr, $key, $iv) or die('<br><br>Could not
initialize mcrypt<br><br>');
            $remix = mcrypt_generic($td, $mix) or die('<br><br>Could not make
a remix<br><br>');
(The above code is inside a function)
 all the variables are ok. When i run the script, it returns "Could not
initialize mcrypt". Why is it crashing there?

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