correct use of charset and db command

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if I have an old db maked in a system mysql4 php4 with phpmyadmin command:
"my-name-db1" "collation"
and  MySQL connection collation  "utf8_general_ci"

I see that inner the folder there is a file  db with this row:

if I want copy on system mysql5 php5 which are the correct steps?
I does so (seem work, but not sure of the procedure)
Creted a new db:
"my-name-db2" "collation"
and  MySQL connection collation  "utf8_general_ci"

and import the file sql created by phpadmin
with option Character set of the file: "latin1" here think must tuo use
utf8 was better

I make so but which is the correct solution?

other: is possible to change the old db in new that have
default-character-set=utf8 default-collation=utf8_unicode_ci ?
how and there are problems?

is this the correct settings for all the new db that one will create?

I noticed that there is also this version of phpmyadmin
phpMyAdmin-2.11.10-all-languages-utf-8-only  when is better to use respect
at phpMyAdmin-2.11.10-all-languages;

why for phpmyadmin 3.x there isn't this version (.........utf-8-only)?

thanks for all suggestions;
really useful

Re: correct use of charset and db command

nawfer wrote:
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This has nothing to do with PHP.  Try an appropriate newsgroup such as

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