Copy or FTP a Dir Tree

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I was wondering if there's any existing FTP scripts out there, to avoid
starting from scratch.
Obviously, you'd want to use many of the FileSystem fx's.

I wrote a File Mgt System, that did a tree copy, on the MR files, based
on filemtime().
It was far from elegant, to begin with, but proved useful eventually.
Because I wanted to preserve the file date and time, after using
copy(), I had to use touch() to restore the date-time

Re: FTP a directory tree
I'm now exploring the porting my TreeCopy program over to be used as
I've seen references to Phing (a cousing to Java's ANT), and a few
mixed reviews.  I'd need to learn this quickly, to use it; I know alot
of ANT's commands are almost like batch commands.

I guess this FTP promote functionality would be part of any CVS system.
 I am a single developer, and so far have not used a CVS system, but
would be open to the idea, especially if it would have handy features
and would be available at reasonable cost (or open-source).

references and suggestions on this topic, most welcome.  TIA.

Re: Copy or FTP a Dir Tree

I've made note of the recursive dir FTP noted in the manual notes
Vikrant Korde <vakorde at hotmail dot com>  contributed
function rec_copy ($source_path, $destination_path, $con)

Its useful and clever although not quite, what I am looking for.
I prefer to use a codebase file that will specify the files I'll need
to FTP.
Alternatively, I could just gather the codebase files, then use

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