copy data from one table to another table

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I have a table that I want to copy selected fields into another table.
The footprint of the tables is different. Here is the INSERT I am
trying to use.

An error is returned, "SQL Error (1136); Column count doesn't match
value count at row 1.
I've run the SELECT without the INSERT line and it does select the
data I want to copy.

Comparing the fields in "births"with the fields defined by the SELECT,
The only field that is missing is the primary key (birthid), which I
assumed the INSERT would fill in..

USE genealogyvr;

NewspaperKey AS newspaperid,
CONCAT(Year, "-",
IF(Month < 10, CONCAT("0",Month), Month) ,
"-" ,
IF(Day < 10, CONCAT("0", Day), Day) ) AS paperdate,
Page AS page,
Col AS col,
FatherFirst AS fatherfirst,
FatherMiddle AS fathermiddle,
MotherFirst AS motherfirst,
MotherMiddle AS mothermiddle,
MotherMaiden AS mothermaiden,
First AS childfirst,
Middle AS childmiddle,
Last AS childlast,
DateOfBirth AS dob,
Comments AS comment

FROM birthsaccess
WHERE Year < 1890;

Re: copy data from one table to another table

On 3/3/2011 9:39 PM, bruceaj wrote:
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This is a PHP newsgroup (hence the "php" in it's name).

Try a newsgroup related to the database you're using.

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Re: copy data from one table to another table

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Okay.. Okay..

How about going over the mysql newsgroup where I've posted this



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