Cookie's In Internet Explorer

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Need help..

I am creating cookies in php, which works fine in Mozilla in the same
session[window], for example I can create them and then go to another
page and then come back to the page and see the results of the cookie
take effect. But in Internet Explorer I create the cookies, but have
to close the browser window/session and reopen the browser for the
cookies to be read/take effect.

Here is my code.

if ((isset($_POST['cookieCollege'])) &&
(isset($_POST['cookieFolder']))) {
   setcookie("default_college", "$cookieCollege", time()+60*60*24*360,
"/", "");
   setcookie("default_folder", "$cookieFolder", time()+60*60*24*360,
"/", ""); }

Then I have:

if(($_COOKIE['default_college']) && ($_COOKIE['default_folder']))
         $collegeName = $_COOKIE[default_college];
         $folder = $_COOKIE[default_folder];
         echo "<meta HTTP-EQUIV=\"refresh\" CONTENT=\"0;
URL= //\">";

Thanks for any help!

Re: Cookie's In Internet Explorer

    If it works in Mozilla, then it's probably an Internet Explorer setting
gone wrong. I've noticed that the later versions of IE block cookies
from third-party sites by default (which is a good thing from a privacy
point of view). If your page is on a domain that's not the same as in
the address bar, then that could be the problem.
    Look for a red exclamation mark on the bottom right of IE to see if
that's the case. If it's there then double-click it to open up the
cookie settings.

Justin wrote:
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Re: Cookie's In Internet Explorer

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Also I if Im not mistaken cookies only take effect after a new page is
loaded, or the current one reloaded (I think). I dont know if its IE only
or not. Its on the documentation page on cookies I believe.

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