Converting argv to variable

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I've taken a year off (or so) using Python and the first thing I run
into utterly stumped me. Been too long and none of the searches I've
done seems to have helped any.

Basically, I'm trying to create a little script which will make a new
directory, using the argument passed to it to give the directory a


import sys, os

newDirectory = str(sys.argv[1:])

currentPath =  str(os.getcwd())

create =  currentPath + '/' + newDirectory

print create

# os.mkdir(create)

Now, in a perfect universe I would get an output something like the
following (if I run the script with the argument 'python':


However, Python still hangs on to all the fluff and prints out
something else:


I know there must be some way to convert the argument to a 'normal'
variable, but it escapes me how to do so. Any pointers?



Re: Converting argv to variable

tgiles wrote:
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Perhaps try a python newsgroup? PHP != Python...


Re: Converting argv to variable

Janwillem Borleffs wrote:
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This is the wrong newsgroup. My apologies.



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