Connecting to LDAP

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Good Morning, I am having some issues connecting to LDAP through PHP.

I am using the function provided here: (By 'edi01 at gmx
dot at'). I don't get any errors till it tries to do the search. I get
the following error:
ldap_search(): Search: Operations error
verification on 'ldap://newkenny': ldap_error(Resource id #2)
failure: search in LDAP-tree failed

I'm trying to connect to a Win2003 AD server. I have set the
"LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS" to 0 as someone else stated.

When I do: ldapsearch -H ldap://myserver -b "cn=users,dc=base,dc=com"
-x -W -Dmyaccount -LLL "(SAMACCOUNTNAME=myaccount)"
from the command line it works fine.

Any ideas?


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