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I'm working with a customer who is implementing a simple webservice with
the PHP Soap Extension.  It's supposed to define one method, taking a
string and returning a string.  I'm trying to access this webservice from
ASP.NET, and Microsoft's deserializer complains.

First problem is that the wsdl is declared rpc/encoded.  MS's wsdl.exe
complains that this violates the WS-I Basic Profile.  But ignoring that,
when I try to access the webservice, the call works, but I get errors on
trying to parse the response.

The guts of his wsdl:

  <xsd:schema [...]>
    <simpleType name="XmlOut">
      <restriction base = "xsd:string"/>

<message name="XmlTestResponse">
  <part name="result" type="tns:XmlOut"/>

<portType name="XXXPortType">
  <operation name="XmlTest">
    <output message="tns:XmlTestResponse"/>

The SOAP Response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    xmlns:SOAP-ENV=" /"
    xmlns:ns1=" "
    xmlns:xsd=" "
    xmlns:xsi=" "
    xmlns:ns2=" "
    xmlns:SOAP-ENC=" /"
    SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=" /">
      <result xsi:type="ns2:XmlOut">
        Test Message

The error is in trying to deserialize "result":

   "Cannot assign object of type System.Xml.XmlNode[] to an object of
   type System.String."

Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?  Does this have anything to
do with the rpc/encoded vs. document/literal issue that wsdl.exe was
complaining about?

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Re: Connecting to a PHP SOAP Extension webservice with


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LOL... see what I've done, Jerry? ;-)

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This would appear to be a problem with ASP.NET's XML parsing  -
ASP.NET seems to be complaining about trying to cast a response object
of type 'result' into a string.

As I see it, there is nothing wrong with the response from the PHP
'thing'; it's all down to what you do with it from there in your ASP

You might be better off asking in an ASP.NET newsgroup.

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I think it's more likely to be an XML issue, specifically something to
do with typecasting. Not knowing anything about ASP.NET I'm afraid I
can't help you. Others might have more to offer.

Re: Connecting to a PHP SOAP Extension webservice with

On Sat, 15 Aug 2009 03:42:32 +0100, internetwebthing wrote:

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I did that, and didn't receive much help.  I eventually figured out how
to extract the raw SOAP response from .NET's web-service objects, so I
could parse it myself.

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