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Hi folks,

I am creating a site in FrontPage, and want to use PHP to validate a form I  
have created, however I would like the return of the users input (which the  
user reviews to check for errors), to be in the same design or style which  
the rest of my site has been created in. I have found a script wich does the  
basics of what I want, but it needs a lot of modifying, and I have a few  
questions. Here is the script:

/*  Program name: checkRegInfo.php
 *  Description:  Program checks all the form fields for
 *                blank fields and incorrect format.
<head><title>Registration Validation</title></head>
  /* set up array of field labels */
  $label_array = array ( "first_name" => "First Name",
                         "middle_name" => "Middle Name",
                         "last_name" => "Last Name",
                         "phone" => "Phone");
  foreach ($_POST as $field => $value)
    /* check each field except middle name for blank fields */
    if ( $value == "" )
       if ($field != "middle_name")
          $blank_array[$field] = "blank";
    elseif ($field == "first_name" or $field == "middle_name"
                 or $field == "last_name" )
        if (!ereg("^[A-Za-z' -]$",$_POST[$field]) )
             $bad_format[$field] = "bad";
    elseif ($field == "phone")
      if(!ereg("^[0-9)( -](([xX]|(ext)|(ex))?[ -]?[0-9])?$",$value))
           $bad_format[$field] = "bad";
  /* if any fields were not okay, display error message and form */
  if (@sizeof($blank_array) > 0 or @sizeof($bad_format) > 0)
    if (@sizeof($blank_array) > 0)
        /* display message for missing information */
        echo "<b>You didn't fill in one or more required fields. You must  
        /* display list of missing information */
        foreach($blank_array as $field => $value)
           echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>";
    if (@sizeof($bad_format) > 0)
        /* display message for bad information */
        echo "<b>One or more fields have information that appears to be
                 incorrect. Correct the format for:</b><br>";
        /* display list of bad information */
        foreach($bad_format as $field => $value)
           echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>";
    /* redisplay form */
    $first_name = $_POST['first_name'];
    $middle_name = $_POST['middle_name'];
    $last_name = $_POST['last_name'];
    $phone = $_POST['phone'];
    echo "<p><hr>
      <form action='checkRegInfo.php' method='POST'>
      <table width='95%' border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='2'>
      <tr><td align='right'><B>:</br></td>
        <td><input type='text' name='first_name' size='65' maxlength='65'
                   value='$first_name' > </td>
      <tr><td align='right'><B>:</br></td>
        <td><input type='text' name='middle_name' size='65' maxlength='65'
                   value='$middle_name' > </td>
      <tr><td align='right'><B>:</B></td>
        <td> <input type='text' name='last_name' size='65' maxlength='65'
                    value='$last_name'> </td>
      <tr><td align='right'><B>:</B></td>
        <td> <input type='text' name='phone' size='65' maxlength='65'
                    value='$phone'> </td>
      <p><input type='submit' value='Submit name and phone number'>
  echo "Welcome";

(The code, with modifications, was from PHP & MySQL For Dummies - By Janet  

Can someone let me know if I am on the right track with these assumptions or  
answer any questions?

1) I am assuming that because of the HTML tags, that this page is designed  
to return on a plain HTML page (without any site design features). Can I  
split up the code, and push it into the relevant areas so that the page  
returns within my design template?

2) Concerning the initial array right after the <?php statement; this seems  
to be crafted by the author of the code, am I right to assume that I would  
have to change this "label_array" to represent the fields I have used on my  

3) Is this the type of form, where if a user input an error (characters not  
allowed by the ereg statement), will the program star "*" fields that are  
incorrectly filled or leave the user guessing?

3a) How can the program be modified to star or otherwise indicate fields  
that need to be changed?

4) Can anyone see any security issues in this form at present?

5) I actually have one field "Username" where I will need to query my  
database, to ensure that the Username a user enters is not the same as one  
already in the database. I have read a little on MySQL injection, am I right  
in thinking that it is only where a form has to query a database, that a  
MySQL Injection attack can occur, or can they also occur when data is  
written to a database? Check out this article from PHP.NET:

OK that's all I can think to ask for now, so if anyone can help a struggling  
newbie, blessings on you...


Re: Confused About PHP!?

It looks like the script keeps track of and then displays the names of
the fields that are incorrect above the form. If you want to put a "*"
next to bad fields then when it redisplays the form you will need to
check the array of bad labels if the label is in that array display an
* before the lable. I'm unclear about what you mean by split the code
up. If you mean that your input elements are in different places than
this example script then just cut and past the iinput elements into
their correct places. Yes you would change the label array at the top
of the code to fit your form but you will also need to change the form
that it redisplays to include all of your fields. I did not notice any
extra security measures but it does do a lot in the way of validation
and restricting what characters can be used (I'm no expert but that
should reduce your risk of SQL injection). If you're having trouble w/
the php you can probably find JavaScript validators to do the same
thing. If you try to add the validation to your page and then post the
code if you have problems I'm sure someone will be able to help you.
Cerebral Believer wrote:
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Re: Confused About PHP!?


Thanks for your reply.  I think I understandmost of what you have written.  
As for splitting the code up, well what I mean is my form is presented on a  
HTML page within a table, and I am curious to know whther PHP will realise  
what data to extract from the form when the user sends it.  So really I want  
to present the form so that its design is consistent with the rest of my  
site, and also, if the form is redisplayed for any input errors to be  
corrected by the user, I would like the form to be displayed in like manner.


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