confused about Pear::Image_Graph

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I'm a bit confused about image_graph - I'm just trying to create a line
graph with multiple lines, be able to assign the text for the x and y ticks
and colors for the lines.  A legend would be nice, but I can build that

I can create a graph and set values, that works.  the setColor method seems
to do nothing, but then again, I have no idea what it's supposed to accept
- many of the functions are expecting hard-coded values (e.g. addData
($values,"line") creates a line graph), so it could be a hard-coded color,
or an RGB value, or an RGBA value.  No clue.

Then, how do you modify an axis?  There are axis constructors, but I see no
way to relate them to the graph.  No "setXAxis" method, no return of an
"Image_Graph_Axis" pointer from a function (like addData returns a pointer
to an Image_Graph_Line_Common object.

In other words, these classes are really poorly documented, I haven't been
able to find any sample code, and the don't follow any kind of conventions
for "is related to" relationships as found in oo designs.

If anyone has recommendations other than Pear, please let me know.


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