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I got a problem:
The server im running my scripts on has <magic_quotes_gpc=ON>. I know, that
I just have to stripslashes() the GPC data. But what if
<magic_quotes_sybase> is also set ON? The doc says, that in this case only
<'> is replaced by <''>, and nothing happens to <">, <\> and NUL, because
<magic_quotes_sybase> overwrites <magic_quotes_gpc> behavior. Unfortunately,
the doc says nothing about the case <magic_quotes_gpc=OFF> PLUS
<magic_quotes_sybase=ON>. Does in this case nothing happen to GPC data, as
<magic_quotes_gpc> is set OFF? Or does it result in the same <'> to <''>
replacement, as <magic_quotes_sybase> is set ON? What's <sybase>, anyway?

I was about to implement a function as follows:

function stripslashes_mq_gpc($txt){
        // rather use str_replace() ??
  return $txt;

The same is to be done for <magic_quotes_runtime>, but there's nothing
written about the interaction of <magic_quotes_runtime> and
<magic_quotes_sybase>. So, could anyone help me, please?

Kai aka Christopher-Robin

PS: Apologies for my bad english.

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