conf problem?

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When i echo the $catid, it returns null. $catid is there, confirmed by  
command prompt and "select table from database".

Is php needed to set anything or security issue such that $HTTP_GET_VAR  
associative array can't be retrieved?

Thanks a lot

  $catid = $HTTP_GET_VAR['catid'];

  echo "catid at showcat: $catid";  

Re: conf problem?

OK, I'll start off with a "Huh?!" as this post doesn't make much sense,
but then I'll try to provide help.

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OK, where are you getting this $catid from?  You mention getting it from
$HTTP_GET_VAR ($_GET may be better for you anyway) but then also mention
getting it from a database which has nothing to do with GET parameters and
HTTP requests.

Can you be more clear in how you're trying extract this value and from
where?  Maybe with a code snippet or two.



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Re: conf problem?

leo wrote:

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Yes, it is in php5.

register_long_arrays  boolean

    Tells PHP whether or not to register the deprecated long $HTTP_*_VARS  
type predefined variables. When On (default), long predefined PHP variables  
like $HTTP_GET_VARS will be defined. If you're not using them, it's  
recommended to turn them off, for performance reasons. Instead, use the  
superglobal arrays, like $_GET.

    This directive became available in PHP 5.0.0.  


So use $_GET[] or $_POST[] instead of the old $HTTP_GET_VARS, or change this  
in your ini-settings.

My advise would be to use $_GET[] instead.

Erwin Moller

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