conditional email text to hyperlink

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I am trying to write a content management section for a web site.

I have managed so far to use htmlarea to give users a basic, but user
friendly interface by which to edit the page content.

The user can add emails by symply typing - IE automatically
converts this to a hyperlink.  The trouble is sometimes the users use plain
text.  I have been using the following line to convert plain text to a

'<a href="mailto:\0?subject=Email%20from%20web%20site">\0</a> ',

This works well - BUT it completely screws up any existing hyperlinks.  Is
there a way to convert the plain text email address in to a hyperlink only
if it is NOT part of a hyperlink.

Basically I need some way of checking
* If it's plain text > convert to a hyperlink
* If it's already an email hyperlink leave it alone.

I have tried looking up and testing everything I can think of - but am
finally asking around before I go mad.

Thanks, Nel

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