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Just wondering if any one has attemped this.

I'm looking for a way to write a page that will tell a user which
computers are being used in a computer lab. Basily looking for something
that might register the computer and un-regiter the computer in MySQL or
even a flat file. This will help us to work out where there is free
computers around our campus.

Any ideas? tips? Anything welcome.

Workstations = WinXP SP2
Servers = MS Server 2003.

Re: Computer Lab Stats

Smitro wrote:

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As far as I can tell this is a M$ related question.
You have to find some script that gets executed for:
- login on the workstation
- logout on the workstation

If you find such a script, that would be the place call some appropriate
actions, like updating the mySQL database.
I am not sure if PHP is the right language to use for this purpose.

Of course PHP is the right language to make an overview of free
workstations, based on your mySQL table.

I cannot help you where these scripts are, maybe your chances are better in
a M$-related newsgroup.

Good luck!

Erwin Moller

Re: Computer Lab Stats

windows already has login/logout scripts - they were somewhere deep
down in the windows directory.

Re: Computer Lab Stats

Now I just have to work out how to make the script edit a flat file on
the server or MySQL.

cyberhorse wrote:
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Re: Computer Lab Stats

posted like a moron AND forged a valid domain name in violation of
westnet's Terms of Service and wrote:

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Both are well documented on the website.  Have you looked?

(Try chaning to myhouse.c0m so you're no longer forging a
domain you don't own.

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Re: Computer Lab Stats

reverently intoned upon the aether:

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Select from the Start-menu "Run" and enter : GPEDIT.MSC

Then go to User Configuration->Windows Settings->Scripts(Logon/Logoff)
in the tree view.  Go from there.



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