compile under AIX 5.1 or 5.2 with IBM VAC?

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I have tried to compile PHP 4.3.10/4.3.8/5.0.3 under AIX 5.1/5.2 with
IBM's VisualAge C compiler but failed every time.  It seems that I'll
have to compile libxml2 to get PHP 5 going, but I can't compile libxml2
either.  For PHP 4.3.x, the make always fails with some compiler error.

Now, my servers are upgrading to 5.2.  So, I'd really like to compile
under 5.2, and I really want to compile PHP 5.0.3 with MySQL option.  I
wonder if anyone has succeeded in doing this?  What are the tricks you
used to overcome all the problems?  Do I have to use gcc to compile?
If so, which gcc did you use?  Do you use the onr from Bull's site or
from IBM?

Much appreciate your reading my question.   More appreciatation if you
can help me with some tips.

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