comparing two XML->objects

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I'm getting data from an XML file using this method:

$name = $xml->user_info->user['name'];
$nickname = $xml->user_info->user['nickname'];


$age = $xml->user_info->user['age'];
$shoe_size = $xml->user_info->user['show_size'];

I want to compare name & nickname, and age & shoe_size, but I can't
figure out how, as all 4 are objects.

Basically I want to know if age > show_size or name == nickname.

How would I do that?

I tried:
if ($age > $shoesize)
  echo "age is higher";
  echo "shoesize is higher";

but it ALWAYS comes out as "shoesize is higher", mostly I think
because I'm comparing objects, not integers. I just can't find out how
to convert the obj to an int, or compare two like-typed objects.

Re: comparing two XML->objects

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Why wouldn't you just do this:

if($xml->user_info->user['age'] > $xml->user_info->user['shoe_size'])

Also notice that I used 'shoe_size' instead of 'show_size' -- may be
your typo, or it might not.

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