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I have a table that is compiled with test data (student responses on a
multiple choice test). In another table I have the answer keys to many
tests. I would like to take the test id and use this to find the
correct answer key and compare each student's responses to the answer
key. I also would like to create another table that will list a 1 if
the student answered the question correct and a 0 if they did not.

Any thoughts on how to compare two fields from two different
tables???? Thanks! (I'm a rookie at php).

Re: Comparing fields wrote:
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I'd let SQL do it.  Try a newsgroup pertinent to your database (i.e. for
MySQL, comp.databases.mysql).

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Re: Comparing fields

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Join two (or more) tables.  Note that in this example, if there are
30 questions on the test, you've got 30 records in Answer_key_table
and 30 records per student in Student_test_table.

Let's suppose you have two tables:


    Student_name (or ID)

Assuming you've got at most one test per student (or have another field
in the Student_test_table to distinguish them, you can get student
name and the score for the test:

SELECT Student_name, sum(if(Student_test_table.Student_answer =
    FROM Student_test_table JOIN Answer_key_table
    ON Student_test_table.Test_ID = Answer_key_table.Test_ID
    AND Student_test_table.Question_number = Answer_key_table.Test_ID
    GROUP BY Student_name

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