Compare Two Names Based on Characters

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Hi everyone.

I wasn't sure how to describe what I want in the subject line so
hopefully this post will allow me to further explain.  I have a table
where I have names of people who have filed evictions against their
tenants.  These plaintiffs have no mailing street addres.  They have a
city, state, and zip code.  In another table, I have a massive listing
of those plaintiffs who have filed evictions against their tenants but
each record includes a full mailing address; street, city, state, and

What I'm trying to figure out is how to write a little PHP program to
compare the name fields of table 1 (without address) into table 2
(with addresses) and replace the address in table 1 with the address
from table 2 based on the match.  I would also like the capability to
match combined fields from table 1 into table 2, meaning, if I were to
combine name, city, state, and zip in table 1 and combine name, city,
state, zip in table 2, I will most likely have the ability to reduce
the list.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.

Peter Melan

Re: Compare Two Names Based on Characters

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Assuming you're using MySQL, you can probably do that all in one
query. Here's an example:

    `table1` AS `t1`
    `table2` AS `t2`
    `t1`.`name` = `t2`.`name`

That should create a table that is a combination of the first two,
combining based on the `name` field. You might want a much more
complicated script that will ask you what to do when the other fields
in the two tables do not match.

Also, the first table (without an address) should not have a field for
the address to make sure the empty one does not overwrite the one with
the data.

-Mike PII

Re: Compare Two Names Based on Characters wrote:
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I wouldn't even do it in PHP.  I'd just use SQL.  Check  
comp.databases.mysql (or whatever database you're using) for a  
SQL-specific answer to your problem.

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