Command line setting _GET and _POST?

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I am writing some test harnesses for my php scripts. Ideally I would
like to be able to execute scripts from the command line.

This seems to be doable, (i.e. php.exe c:\test.php )

Is it possible to set the contents of the _GET and _POST arrays when
calling a script from the command line?


Re: Command line setting _GET and _POST?

Mark Smith escribió:
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As far as I know, $_GET and $_POST are never read-only. But PHP won't
fill them for you: if there is no HTTP involved, there aren't any get or
post parameters. In command line you have command line parameters,
standard input, files...

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Re: Command line setting _GET and _POST?

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As Álvaro stated, HTTP requests determine the contents of the
$_GET/$_POST superglobals.

You might write your test harness to send HTTP requests to your
scripts with the desired inputs.  You could wrap this up in a few
classes so you can easily test from the command line or on a Web
server with a single interface.

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