combined sql queries in PHP

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me, im having abit of a prob
combining these two queries to get the result i want. The queries both
work perfectly, but i need to somehow put the second query into the
first one so that after the first one runs it will run the second one
and then return out these records. I know this is a sql thing, but i
thought since i was doing it in PHP there may be a nice way of doing it
instead of using sql, which isnt as flexible :) I know these are looong
queries, but id be grateful if someone took the time to have a peek!
the fact i have quite a few joins doesnt seem to be helping me when i
try and work it out - Doh!!

Thanks in advance :D

First query (main query)

mysql_select_db($blah, blah....);

$query_rs_careers_simple = "SELECT resource.res_id, resource.res_title,
resource.res_details, resource.res_date_updated,
resource_date_of_publish.res_date_of_publish,  medium.medium_name,
availability.avail_type,  resource_agcas.res_agcas_id,
agcas.agcas_class,  agcas.agcas_name, publisher.pub_name,
publisher_details.pub_address, publisher_details.pub_tlf FROM resource
LEFT JOIN resource_agcas ON resource.res_id = resource_agcas.res_id
LEFT JOIN resource_isbn ON resource.res_id = resource_isbn.res_id  LEFT
JOIN resource_date_of_publish ON resource.res_id =
resource_date_of_publish.res_id  LEFT JOIN medium ON
resource.res_medium_id = medium.medium_id LEFT JOIN availability ON
resource.res_avail_id = availability.avail_id  LEFT JOIN agcas ON
resource_agcas.res_agcas_id = agcas.agcas_id LEFT JOIN publisher ON
resource.res_pub_id = publisher.pub_id  LEFT JOIN publisher_details ON
publisher_details.pub_id = publisher.pub_id ";

$rs_careers_simple = mysql_query($blah blah or die(mysql_error());
$row_rs_careers_simple = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_careers_simple);
$totalRows_rs_careers_simple = mysql_num_rows($rs_careers_simple);

second query (sub query... i think!)

mysql_select_db($blah, blah);
$query_rs_aoi = "SELECT res_id, aoi_name FROM resource_a_o_i_lkt INNER
JOIN area_of_interest ON

$rs_aoi = mysql_query($blah blah) or die(mysql_error());
$row_rs_aoi = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_aoi);
$totalRows_rs_aoi = mysql_num_rows($rs_aoi);

Re: combined sql queries in PHP

Julie wrote:
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I'd suggest you ask in comp.databases.mysql.

I think there's a SQL only answer to your problem - but I'm not sure.  
I'd need your MysQL version, table layout and what you're actually  
trying to achieve.

Just posting SQL statements doesn't help much.

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