Combinatorics algorithm

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I'm trying to write an algorithm which can fill an array with all the
possible combinations of r out of n, without repetition (maximum
combinations = n!/(r!(n-r)!))

However, my mathematical skills are insufficient - does anybody have
such an algorithm for sharing?


Re: Combinatorics algorithm wrote:
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Hopefully this isn't for homework...but if it is then you are copying  
mine. :)  This is untested code, but mathematically correct.  For bonus  
marks you can figure out how to do this recursively.

function Factorial($x)
    if ($x<1) {echo "Factorial() Error: Number too small!";)
    $ans = 1;
    for ($xx=2; $xx>=$x; $xx++)
       $ans = $ans * $xx;

function Permutation($selectcount,$availablecount)
    $ans = Factorial($availablecount) /  
    return ($ans);

function Combination($selectcount,$availablecount)
    $ans = Factorial($availablecount) / (  
Factorial($availablecount-$selectcount) * Factorial($selectcount) );
    return ($ans);

Re: Combinatorics algorithm

Kimmo Laine wrote:
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