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Hi everyone,

A quick overview of my project.  Clients log in and create a
conference, once that conference is created they receive an email
stating that it has been created and that their conference is now
under review by the operators.

The operators should receive an appointment email that they only need
to edit for some admin things and then send it to all the clients that
the client who created it specified.  This in turn should place the
appointment into the group calendar and NOT the individual operator's
calendar and accept, read, decline, tentative receipts should be
coming into the operator's group inbox.

The problem:
I cannot get the COM object to work at all basically.  I've been
scouring the interent to find usable examples and everything that i
try, does not work or does not work how i think it should.  Could
anyone lend me a hand at COM objects and point me in the right

Thank you,

P.S. i have tried ical files but i can't seem to get it to automate
the accept and decline receipts and thus a major problem.

Re: COM object help!!

El 12/05/2010 15:42, Ithaka escribió/wrote:
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What COM object are you talking about?

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Re: COM object help!!

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There's your problem.  Try the Internet. ;)

Seriously though.  "It doesn't work" is about as diagnostically useful
as saying to the doctor "I don't feel well."  Like Alvaro asked, what
COM object, and what error messages/unwanted behaviors are being

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