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Hi, i build web pages and i use an LCD monitor.
I noticed that when i choose a color this is different between LCD e
CTR old monitors...
what i have to do to be sure that the color is the one i want?
And which is the right color.. the one i see in the LCD or the one i
see in the CRT?
Thank very much.


Re: Colors problem

How different is the color? The color cannot be that different unless u
are having a black and white LCD monitor :) .. I too had this problem
but the colors were just a little different (noticable but not

Anyway the color you choose will be on the HTML document and it is just
the web browser that displays it. Try to keep the web browser and the
color display settings on both monitors the same

Re: Colors problem

You should calibrate both monitors - for web it's enough slightly  
calibration - but for printing you need properly calibrated monitors.  
Sure, the most realistic colours are on CRT monitor - good calibratable  
TFTs costs about $1500 - $2000 ($6000!!!!). Also there are a lot of  
calibration hardware, and each hardware manufacturer provide his tool with  
special software. Sure those tools costs a lot - but you wont be able to  
calibrate TFT anyway (sure if your TFT is LaCIE monitor with personal  
calibrator there will be no problems).
To make slightly calibration i know only one thing  that could help -  
Adobe Gamma - but as far as i now it only comes with Adobe Photoshop.
So think you need to read some good articles about calibration.

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Re: Colors problem

Shella wrote:
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I would trust the colors on the CRT. At work I have a dual LCD setup
and I often notice fairly large variations in the contrast and
saturation between the two screens. Once I lost a better part of a day
because a watermark that's visible one screen--where I was authoring a
page--wasn't visible in the other--where I was testing.

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