Coding the "tag a photo" feature from facebook

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My friend has made a webpage that's kind of like myspace.  He wants to
make a feature similiar to the 'tag a photo' feature that's in
facebook.  This feature allows a person to upload a pic which will
show up in the 'pics' section of his site.  Then the person can click
on the pic and select a friend (who's in the same network) from a
dropdown and 'tag' it to that person.  Then that picture will also
appear on his friend's site.

I'm just wondering if this program can be coded using php?  how, or
what do use in order to code this?


Re: Coding the "tag a photo" feature from facebook

Yes of course it can be done with PHP.  It's just storing relational
information in the database.

I know that isn't really too helpful but it's not really feasible to
layout code for your situation, it's just way too dependent on other
things involved with the site design and database design.

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