CodeWarrior begins on Mar 5, 06:00 pm IST. Certificates & Prizes worth 20,000 INR.

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

Problem Statements of CodeWarrior( /
event.php?eid=4) Round 2 will be released on _Mar 5, 06:00 pm IST_.
Registrations are open till Mar 14, 09:00 pm IST. So form your team
now, if you have not participated in Round 1.

Here is the problems break-up:

 * 2 Puzzles
 * 2 Algorithm Designing Problems
 * 2 C/CPP Debugging Problems
 * 1 Algorithm Intensive Programming Challenge

There are prizes worth more than _20,000 INR_. _Codechef T-Shirts_
will be awarded to the first team to score full marks for the
Algorithm Intensive Programming Challenge.

_Certificates to be given to 30 teams_.

Note: Round2 has _twice the weightage_ than Round1 and there are
special prizes exclusively for Round2.

Visit for more details.

Submission Deadline : Mar 14, 09:00 pm IST.

Post your queries at CodeWarrior forum ( /
forum/viewforum.php?f=5), email us at or contact
the following:
Shishir Mittal- 91-9936-180-121

Happy coding, and be free!

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