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Anyone interested in helping me startup the ultimate programming

Re: - A free online reference manual

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Personally I don't support the idea of documenting the php functions because  
they already exist at There is a complete list of php functions  
well-documented. And also,'s function reference is organized by  
function category. Users may contribute with helpful notes so it isn't any  
different than your idea. You're just re-inventing the wheel, mate. How are  
you going to keep up with Very important thing is to tell from  
which version of php a certain function has been available. It would be more  
helpful if the wiki had like articles of design patterns and OOP in php5.

Just add a link to the official php documentation and instructions how to  
use it, instead of rewriting the whole shit. Then start making really  
interesting php articles that cover areas doesn't. I seriously doubt  
it will be the ultimate programming manual, but it has potential like all  
wikis. You just need to rethink the contents.

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Re: - A free online reference manual

Kimmo Laine wrote:

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While I like the fact that you show such a nice initiative, I completely  
second the opinion of Kimmo.

Every serious PHP user knows about, and uses it as a primary  
source of information about the API/installation/etc.
Why do you want to start a new community if we already have so many?

If you want to contribute to PHP, many possibilities exists, like giving  
usercomments on functions at

If you want to write serious articles about certain problems, and how you  
solve them, I am sure one of the existing sites will be happy to publish  
them (if they are any good of course).
ZEND-site publishes good articles too.

What did Marvin (The HitchHikers Guide) say?
"Life... dreadfull. Please don't invent any more of it."
or something along those lines. ;-)

Erwin Moller

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