CODE RELEASE: [www custom] DutchPIPE: Turn sites into virtual multi-user environments

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DutchPIPE beta 0.4.0

PHP version 5 & AJAX

With DutchPIPE open source software, web developers can make virtual
multi-user environments. Each web page becomes an abstracted
environment or location where visitors and other items on the page are
visualized. This status is retained as visitors move around. A lot of
real-time interaction is possible. The result: Persistent Interactive
Page Environments. DutchPIPE uses AJAX and the DOM for the browser -
it works without Java, Flash, plugin or firewall adjustments. On the
server, PHP 5 is used.

To see what it implies:

With DutchPIPE, developers program "world" objects in PHP. This gives
a lot of power, and is also a lot of fun! The site becomes an
abstracted world or universe populated with objects which can be moved
into or out of eachother and perform certain actions. There's only one
world with one set of objects - if you drop something on a page,
someone else can visit that page, see the object, and carry it away

DuchPIPE is free. It's available for download at
under the MIT license.

You need a web server running PHP 5, and be able to run a PHP 5 script
from the command line. To support registered users and such, you need
a database like MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server.

DutchPIPE is "beta" software. You are also welcome to submit
comments, bigs, ideas, code, etc. Please read the release notes
distributed with the source code for further information.

With kind regards,

Lennert Stock - ls <at> dutchpipe <dot> org

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