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I have the following script which I'm using to verify that websites
exist. However in either FF or IE it only runs for about 60 seconds.
I've changed what ini settings I think affect it, but to no avail. Can
you tell me how to make it run for longer. I could have quite a few
hundred sites and I simply want to make sure they return OK.

The code will work as is but you'll see it probably won't do quite a
long list. (stops at about 10).




if (!(isset($_POST['sites']))){
print "<form method=\"post\" action=\"test2.php\"><textarea name=
\"sites\" rows=25 cols=25></textarea><input type=\"submit\"></form>";
} else {

$sites = split("\r\n",$_POST['sites']);

  foreach ($sites as $path){

  $http_response_header = array(); // clear arrays in case previous
data still held
  $file = array();
  $file = @file_get_contents("http://$path");

    if (!(is_numeric(strpos($http_response_header[0],"OK")))){    //
Is the website NOT ok
        if (is_numeric(strpos($http_response_header[0],"30"))){   //
Has it been redirected?
          foreach ($http_response_header as $k=>$value){
          $value = str_replace("Content-Location","",$value);     //
Strip out the Content tags which confuse issues
            if (is_numeric(strpos($value,"Location"))){           //
If this one carries the location - use it
              $value = str_replace("Location: ","",$value);
              $http_response_header = array();
              $file2 = @file_get_contents($value);        // Connect
to the forwarded site just to check
              if (!(is_numeric(strpos($http_response_header[0],"OK"))))
              print "$path <b>IS NOW</b> $value<br>";
              } else {
              print "$value redirected but is DEAD<br>";
        } else {
        print "$path is not live<br>";
    } else {
    print "$path is ok<br>";

Re: Code execution Time

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Hey there UKUser, Have you considered using the command line binary
with lib_curl, then piping your output to an html file? I've done that
with MANY of my automated PHP scripts, with great success and no
concerns about timeouts. I've a script that can run as long as 2 hours
doing some data administration tasks from 1AM-3AM local, scheduled
through cron. Some of the data tasks required involve reading CSV
feeds from servers other than my own, as well as remote PostgreSQL
queries. There is another script that builds an HTML report on server
status and uptimes that's in a FF window with a META refresh tag that
triggers on 5 minute marks. Hope that gives you some ideas on how to
get your script doing what you need it to do.

Good Luck.

Re: Code execution Time

UKuser wrote:
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If you can change the PHP timeout parameter (some hosting companies let  
you do so, some don't), you're probably running into a browser timeout.

If so, you might be able to keep the browser from timing out by calling  
ob_flush() and flush() after printing a message.  No guarantees - the  
output may still be cached by your server.  But then PHP isn't caching  
it, also.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Code execution Time

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Just wanted to say thanks guys for both your input. It is a mix of the
max-executiont time, the socket connection time and the browsers. I'm
nearly there - and get better results by running my script with php-
cgi.exe rather than through a browser.

Many thanks


Re: Code execution Time

Greetings, UKuser.
In reply to Your message dated Wednesday, December 5, 2007, 19:06:27,

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O.o What You mean "running script through a browser"?


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