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I'm on a project to build an  portal web of   Classifieds aggregator that will contain two types of ads:
- local ads: added by our users
- Aspirated ads other sites of adds

This is the 1st time that I attack a web project of this magnitude, I would like to know what path to take
For information I have adopted the method of Pascal Roques for my project, but to start development I paddled a bit.

Re: Classifieds aggregator

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That sounds like you are drowning in ads and you accidentally inhaled
some of them into your lungs.  That sounds painful.
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Unless you own the other sites you mentioned, or have permission
from their owners to do this (in writing), go directly to a lawyer.

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What is the objective of this project?  Copyright Infringement?

Re: Classifieds aggregator

On 9/22/2015 3:08 PM, Brara morad35 wrote:
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Brara, it's really no different than any other project - just on a
larger scale.  You define the requirements, then design the blocks
necessary to satisfy those requirements.  Start with high level blocks,
then take each block and break it down.

With a larger project you need to take more time in the design phase and
put things in writing - the details will soon become too numerous to
keep straight in your head.  And if you don't take the time up front to
design the project, you'll take much more time at the end trying to make
it work - not to mention rewriting a lot of code along the way.

If you've never done it before, it will be a challenge.  I don't know
Pascal Roques' method, so I can't comment on it.  But your method will
vary depending on if you are using functional or object oriented
programming methods.  For a larger project like this I prefer OO;
properly done, it's more work up front but more stable and easier to
maintain in the long run.

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