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I'am wondering tha is benifit off creating loggin class instead of  
function? is there eny?
and my next thought is about calendet. I ll have 3 calenders (for 3 diff  
month) on page with ll show week, day, and they ll by clickble.
is there any benefits to writte class instead of funktion? I mean if I  
writte class so I have to create 3 object with ll take more place in  
server memory. but if I have one funktion wich I call 3 times it ll by  

as for more generall class question, when in webaplications it's benefits  
to create classes instead of function?


Thanx in advance

Re: class or function (login&calender)

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"Faster" should not be your concern at this point.  Whatever tiny
difference there might be in performance will be swamped by the web
latency.  If the class-based scheme makes more sense to you, then that's
the right way for you to make the decision.

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Does it make more sense to you?  Does it result in code that you can use
again in another application?  Those are the right kinds of questions to
- Tim Roberts,
  Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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