Class and object confusing - passing to function - value does not get passed.

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Hi there,

I have a bit of confusion which I'm sure will be easily explained by the
experts here.

I'm implementing a class which had worked well for getting values from a DB
and representing them as an object. However, I however, I'm confused by
behavior when passing a object value to another class function as it's value
does not seem to get sent to the class function.

The class contains a public function which loads many values into a public
variable for the class. Therefore something like this:

class {

public $DBrowArray; // After a DB call is loaded with an array where each
table field can be access via $DBrowArray['tablefield']

public function getDBvaluesbyRowID($row_id) {
    #Do SQL stuff until we load an array from the

        DBrowArray = $DBres->fetchRow(DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC);
        //Up to this part of the class I've used well for a while without

        #Now take on of the fields form the SQL result and explode it into
an array using a special function and make it publically available
        $this->DBrowArray['extra_array_value'] =


//Special function to explode a string.
private specialfunction($valueToWorkOn) {
    echo $valueToWorkOn; //Prints nothing
   //Yet if I try this below
    $this->DBrowArray['field_from_DB']); //This does print the value as

    //Even when I try this
    $valueToWorkOn = $this->DBrowArray['field_from_DB']);
    echo $valueToWorkOn; //Still Prints nothing

    $my_array = explode (",",$valueToWorkOn); //This returns nothing as
$valueToWorkOn is always empty
    return $my_array;


So my question is, how comes I cannot get $valueToWorkOn to contain the
value of   $this->DBrowArray['field_from_DB']).

I have just made a typo in my code (I've not shown my exact code for the
sake of brevity) or is the problem I'm presenting expected behavior

Thanks in advance.

Re: Class and object confusing - passing to function - value does not get passed. wrote:
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If the code is as you say, it should work.  There is a problem somewhere

I recommend you post your real code here, limiting it to the minimum
necessary to show the problem.

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