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Hello, I would like to learn a PHP5 framework:
I found many but I'm a little confused: which could be "the right one"?
I need a good community and an easy to use solution to implement medium  
dimension solutions. Suggestions? Thanks.

Re: choosing framework

Stefano wrote:

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I like to use PEAR modules as they're usually well supported.  In PHP, I
tend not to use actual MVC frameworks; rather, I just wing it and make my
own.  You can use Smarty for templates (V) and PDO/SDO or MDB2 or something
like that for the model.
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Re: choosing framework

Matt Sicker wrote:
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ok, I perfectly understand what you say, but here where I live, and in  
an enterprise environment, it is considered a valuable thing the ability  
to use a framework

Re: choosing framework

Stefano napisaƂ(a):
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It seems that CakePHP and ZendFramework are those with most active
community. For fast developing CakePHP, for lots functionality and
flexibility - ZF.

Best Regards
Piotr N

Re: choosing framework

Piotr wrote:
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Last time i took a look at ZF it was a very little bit of framework with  
a lot of class library. Frameworks offer a basic structure to your  
application, sort of an environment your application lives in. Your  
application must 'fit in', otherwise it won't work. Class libraries just  
offer classes and leave it to the application programmer how to use  
them. The last is more flexible of course, but leaves a lot more work to  
the application developer.

The only framework part i found in ZF is an MVC framework. It did no  
scaffolding. Scaffolding is one of the features the Ruby on Rails hype  
was based on. It automates a part of application development. For more  
info see Wikipedia:

Nowadays several plugins are available that substantially extend the  
native scaffolding of Rails. For more info see "Turbocharge Ruby on  
Rails with ActiveScaffold" on IBM Developerworks,


Henk Verhoeven,

PhpPeanuts has been designed for extended scaffolding right from the  
start and has accumulated 4 years of experience with it. You don't need  
to wait for it to be ported to PHP, you can download it right now.

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