Chinese, Japanese font issues with mail

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Can anyone provide me the simplest working solution to send mails in a
multilingual website
that too with no issues relating to display of characters, as of now I
have find a solution which is
working quite well, which is to paste a japanese or chinese lang.
sentences to an editor like
dreamweaver in design mode and paste the generated char code eg. #1045
to the database table
to create a mail template, this is working fine but a labour job. Can
you provide me with a more
intelligent solution? such as by setting the charSet or something else
as of I am using the phpmailer class for the purpose...

Re: Chinese, Japanese font issues with mail

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Why don't you make html-files for each language you need. This html
file you read by fopen() and fread() and then send by using whatever
function you want. You must also set content-type to text/html. This
way you may totally customize your display to the user, and specify
whatever charset etc. you want in meta tags.
I hope you are not a spammer that's looking for a better way of
spamming; if that's true, I regret for my trying to help :)

Re: Chinese, Japanese font issues with mail

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Thanks and be sure I am not a spammer, but this is not the kind of
solution that I was expecting. I want  something that I can setup in
my database so the admin can modify the text whenever required
and will not have to mingle with .html files.

Re: Chinese, Japanese font issues with mail

On 2007-04-02 15-07-59, Darko wrote:
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E-Mails are not destined to carry the troublemindedness of HTML. They're
pure and clean. Just like the holy word of text/plain... Err... mhh... I
guess I played too much C&C3 and got brainwashed by Kane... -g-

Just use text/plain and set a proper encoding. UIF-8 would solve your
problems, as you can address every code point the unicode currently
contains. (For more information see < )

This includes the kanji and the kana.

You should use a special editor for writing the messages though. Is should
a) support UTF-8 and
b) not add the byte order mark in front of the files, as PHP doesn't
understand it and sends it as data... resulting in output and eventually in
"Cannot send header ..." warnings.

UTF-8 would also solve your problem, if you are actually sending HTML
mails. However, you should still strongly consider adding a text/plain
version, too. I know that *I* dislike HTML mails and I know lots of people
who do so as well.


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