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i started a php site in dreamweaver and i try fill  data into MySql

i set up a page with a form and i can fill in all the fields.

just for one field, i like to have several checkboxes. every checkbox
has a value, and they should fill the same field with their vale when
checked. i also want to keep my text box, so i can write additional

at the moment, when i click more than one checkbox, only the value of
the first checkbox appears in the database. also, if there is already
some data in this cell, it delete previous data, but i would like to
keep it. preferably it should just add to information allready in the

cheers, dimitri

Re: checkBox question wrote:
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Put [] (open and block square brackets) behind the field name so that
the values are placed into an array, then join them together using


<input type="checkbox" name="pets[]" value="dingo"> Dingo
<input type="checkbox" name="pets[]" value="donkey"> Donkey
<input type="checkbox" name="pets[]" value="bob dillon"> Bob Dillon
<input type="text" name="pets[]" value="" size="8">

... and then ...

$pets = implode(', ', $_POST['pets']);

Re: checkBox question wrote:
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Me too...

PHP can understand a field like this as an array.  But it seems that you  
have to explicitly warn PHP that it might be receiving an array value by  
naming the field "xyz[]" instead of simply "xyz" in your HTML.


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