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I wonder if there is any one out there who could help me out, .... and
I am sure there is somebody !!

I want to implement the following :

a webpage with very important news should be read by a bunch of people.
These people are stored in a MySql database, and as they have to logon
to read the page, I can uncheck their names in the database as
indication they have read (or at least accessed) the page.

So far no problem, but now I'm looking for a system that can check the
readflag in the MySql database let us say, every week, and send a mail
to all persons which still have not read the page.This process should
go on until all persons listed in the database have read the page. Does
anyone know how this can be implemented ?  

Thanks a lot in advance !!

Re: check on reading webpage

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Maybe I don't understand the question, but it seems like there are a
number of options.  If you have the correct access on your server, you
could set up a cron job to run a PHP script at a certain time each week
which does the mailing.  If not, as far as I know, you can really only
trigger the event by somebody loading a PHP script via the 'net.  You
could make a page which only you can load (password/account protected),
and just make sure you do it every week.  My preferred option in this
case is to check the date each time anyone loads the page.  As long as
you get more than a few hits a week, and if you don't mind the email
being a bit irregular, then you could wait for the first person to log
in after a given time each week and launch the mailing process.

But I'm a relative novice and I'm sure there are better ways - anybody

-steve hicks

Re: check on reading webpage

Steve Hicks schreef:

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I would do the same, as I think it's the easiest.  I guess there are
more visitors per day, so if u can trigger a script that checks if the
last mailingcheck was at least a week ago.  Or if it has to be on a
specific day of the week, just check if u have already done the mailing
since eg. last sunday.  U can just create a table in ur database for
that and it's easy to follow up that way.
I'm sure there are options to do those tasks automatically like with
crontab, but I guess ur hosting company has to support that.



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