changing old values to new values

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I just would like to re-explain the problem i am having as i had not
received any posts, so i might of explained in poorly.

The problem i am having is NOT parse error related, more or less a
problem in my logic. Ok , well what is happening is i am getting my
values in member.txt fields ok from reading it, but when i attempted
to write those values back to the member.txt file with updated string
values, my member.txt file is cleared of all values, and i think my
array is been wiped.

Here is the updated code:


//Store profile in username.txt
$fileName .= "../username/member";
$fileName .= $_POST['user_id'];
$fileName .= ".txt";
$handle = fopen($fileName, "w");
fwrite($handle, $_POST['form1']);

// build record into string from post values
$update = $_POST['user_id'] . "|" . $_POST['password'] . "|" .
$_POST['lastname'] . "|" . $_POST['firstname'] . "|"

$fileName = "../username/member.txt";
//set line to edit
//get file into an array
//set the file name

$edit_line = $_GET['record_id'];
//replace original record with new record
$replace_text =$update;

// replace specified array index (user to update) with built string
$contents[$edit_line] = $replace_text;
// Strip carrage-returns
for($c = 0; $c < count($contents)-1; $c++)
$contents[$c] = str_replace( "n", "", $contents[$c] );

// write array to file
if (!$fp = fopen($fileName,"w")) { die("Cannot open file"); }



// read content from file and place into array, this is used to put
initial content into form
$userid_no = $_GET['record_id'];
$line = split("|",$fc[$userid_no]);
$user_id = $line[0];
$password = $line[1];
$firstname = $line[2];
$lastname = $line[3];
$email = $line[4];



Re: changing old values to new values

| // Strip carrage-returns
| for($c = 0; $c < count($contents)-1; $c++)
| {
| $contents[$c] = str_replace( "n", "", $contents[$c] );
| }

you do realize that this may be your problem?

it should be str_replace("\n", '', $contents[$c]) ...otherwise, you're just  
stripping the letter 'n'. likewise, later when you implode $contents, you  
concatenate the records with the letter 'n' again. what i don't understand  
is why you are stripping \n anyway since you implode using \n. why not just  
make $update/$replace_text end with \n, replace the correct element and be  
done with it. your implode can simply implode('', $contents)...since \n is  
already inclusive given that you use file().

does that help?  

Re: changing old values to new values

On 19.04.2007 03:02 programming wrote:
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The wheel you're trying to invent is called "database" and it would be  
wise to use an existing one (mysql, sqlite etc) rather than code your own.

gosha bine

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