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I'm having trouble to change the color of a part of a message I'm
putting together in a PHP script.
The built up of the message is as follows :

$message = "Update for Request number: " . $nbr . "\n" .
              "Project name: " . $prjname . "\n" .
              $yournamestring . $yrname . "\n" .
              "Your email address:" . $yremail . "\n" .
              "Address on site:". $osaddr . "\n" .
              .... ;

Now I want for instance change the color of the entry "Your email
address" and if possible also of the string represented by $yremail (or
only 1 of both), if a certain condition is true (e.g this item is
changed during an update).

I tried several things, such as
            "<FONT color=\"red\">Your email address: </FONT>" .
$yremail . "\n" .

but in the email received appears litteraly all what is noted, but no
text in red.

Probably I'm using the wrong quotes or on the wrong place .... Has
anyone already did something similar ? Has anyone some good advice ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Change color in php message

rukkie schrieb:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Besides the fact that the FONT tag is deprecated in HTML, your code is  
ok for HTML output. As a normal e-mail message is plain text and not  
HTML, the e-mail client will rather display your code as a text string,  
instead of interpreting it as HTML.

You can send HTML e-mail; there are ready-to-use classes available, for  
example PEAR Mail (; you will find more of them by googling.


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