Challenging Arrays

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Hi ya'll;

 Consider this array:

$xmlData = array (
  'slideshow' => array ('settings' => array ( 'image_folder' =>
'ads/', 'time' => '1', 'fade' => '2', 'repeat' => 'true', 'captions'
=> 'false',),
  'images' => array ('image' => array (
        0 =>  array ('file' => '1.jpg', 'caption' => 'Series #1',),
        1 =>  array ('file' => '2.jpg', 'caption' => 'Series #2',),
        2 =>  array ('file' => '3.jpg', 'caption' => 'Series #3',),

 I've chosen *not* to use SimpleXML for xml processing -- our webhost
won't upgrade his php beyond some early 5.x build, and not all
SimpleXML functions are in there (like, addChild()).  So, I'm using a
different library.

 Anyway, basically, what my question is that, how can I write one
"settings" array as it is, and then add new [files][file] arrays to
the structure, but the number of those will vary (based on previous
pages' dynamically-generated <form> code as

 <input type="text" name="file[]"> </input>
 <input type="text" name="file[]"> </input>
 <input type="text" name="file[]"> </input>
 ... (could be dozens)

I can get the values, of course... how how to I add the array
structure to the above array programatically?

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