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I have one server running Win2K SP4, PHP 4.3.3 in CGI, IIS 5, MySQL 3.23.49,
and hosting PHP-Nuke sites. See:

I've run into a problem with using phpMyAdmin (v2.6.2) to load a database if
it's about a Mb or larger in size. I end up getting CGI timeouts. I've
pushed the CGI timeout to 5 minutes, but that doesn't help.

I decided to make the move to ISAPI for the improved efficiency. I'm testing
this first on an alternate server (See: ; also Win2K SP4, IIS 5, but using
the MySQL on the primary server), so as not to interrupt traffic on my
primary. I first tried to make the jump to PHP 5.0.4. Once I managed to get
the PHP running, the PHP-Nuke wouldn't work right under that version of PHP.
I backed up to PHP 4.3.11 and things were looking good. However, when I try
to load a database with the ISAPI interface, it hangs until I'm finally told
it couldn't find the file. This is the case no matter what the DB size. If I
paste the text of the .sql file into the "Run SQL query/queries on database"
box, above the "Location of the text file:" box I usually use, it'll build
the DB just fine.

To sum up...  I need to find out why my ISAPI run PHP won't find the load
the .sql file via phpMyAdmin into MySQL.

Anybody have any tips?


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