cgi setup on apache under rhe

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i've been wading through the docs and usenet for a bit now trying to
figure out how to setup cgi to run in cgi on a stock rhe box - which is
of course configured to run mod_php.  the reason i need to do this is
to test a theory that a certain library (mapscript) failes under
mod_php but not cgi so i'm unconcerned with security issues at this
point: i'm testing only.

i've tried various permutations of settings in a local php.ini
and SetEnv REDIRECT_STATUS On in .htaccess files to now avail.  i'm on
a gov box and don't have admin privs so i'm looking for a way to force
php into cgi mode, even if it's a hack like exporting some vars in a sh
script and exec'ing php.

is there a way to force php into cgi mode that someone can reccomend.

sorry if that has been answered before - but i've been reading/digging
for a few hours with no luck.  ps - i'm a php newbie but quite versed
in cgi/www devel in various languages other than php.

kind regards.

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