$cfg['Lang'] in phpMyAdmin config

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I am trying to configure phpMyAdmin 2.8.2.  I un-commented the following  
line in config.inc.php:

// Force: always use this language - must be defined in
//        libraries/select_lang.lib.php
$cfg['Lang'] = 'en-iso-8859-1';

but then after logging into phpMyAdmin, I get an error message:

Notice: Undefined index: en-iso-8859-1 in ...\index.php on line 97

I went into index.php and found that this is the line in question:

$lang_iso_code = $GLOBALS['available_languages'][$GLOBALS['lang']][2];

So I went into select_lang.lib.php as suggested in the documentation and  
poked around.  'en-iso-8859-1' is definitely a key in the  
$available_languages array on this page, but then by the time the above  
line of code gets called on index.php, this key is missing from  
$GLOBALS['available_languages'].  At that point, this is the only key in  
the array for English, which is why I am getting the error message:

[en-utf-8] => Array
             [0] => en|english
             [1] => english-utf-8
             [2] => en
             [3] =>

Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can uncomment the  
$cfg['Lang'] = 'en-iso-8859-1'; line and not have all these problems?  
This is the only change I made that resulted in the error message; if I  
again comment out the line in question as it comes defaulted, everything  
works fine.  Thanks for all your help.

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