captcha - do you know such solution?

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Please help me with find some good captcha solution.

Do you know some web page which publish some javascript or php (maybe like
google adwards) script with captcha.
I mean such solution which let me generate captcha image without knowing the
algorithm of
its assign. I mean that i.e. it will be harder for the cracker to break the
captcha, because the core
of assigning the algorithm would be placed on the other site than mine.

Do you know such web site solution which is of course freeware?

Please help me

Re: captcha - do you know such solution?

Netman wrote:
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Why?  Captcha's use pseudo random generators; even knowing the algorithm
won't help unless the hacker knows the exact microsecond the captcha was
generated.  And even if he knew the microsecond, he wouldn't know the
algorithm unless he had access to your site's source - in which case
captcha won't save you, anyway.

There are much bigger things to worry about than a hacker knowing your
captcha algorithm.

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Re: captcha - do you know such solution?

hi netman,

try they do a really good job and btw you help digitize books


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