Cannot process forms in PHP

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I have installed PHP several times using tutorials and information from
a book, but each time I am able to use basic functions, such as date(),
but when it comes to processing forms it shows up nothing.

I know it can't be my programming as i have copied the book word for
word and even use the example from their website.

All i am trying to do is send information from a HTML form to a PHP
page which will then display what was entered into the form. The code i
have used on the PHP page is shown below:

/* This page receives and handles the data generated by "form.htm".*/
print "Your first name is $FirstName.<BR>\n";
print "Your last name is $LastName.<BR>\n";
print "Your E-mail address is $email.<BR>\n";
print "This is what you had to say:<BR>\n$Comments<BR>\n";

Is there anything wrong with this, or have i installed PHP incorrectly.
Any Suggestions?
Thank you very much.

Re: Cannot process forms in PHP

Village wrote:

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Hi again,

See my last suggestion.

Again you didn't show us all code.
Show us your formcode too.

Maybe you are relying on register_globals is on?
That sucks, and should be disabled.

Some old (and bad) code for PHP gives examples that rely on registerglobals  
to be on.
Do not follow that.
Just use the superglobal $_POST[] (for post) and $_GET[] (for getting name  
value pairs from the url.)

Erwin Moller

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