Cannot make connection to local MySQL Server from within Dreamweaver.

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I am using OS X and Dreamweaver MX.  I am trying to make a connection
to the MySQL Server from within Dreamweaver using the Applications
panel and clicking on the "+".  A window opens asking for:
Connection Name: Apress
MySQL Server:   localhost
User Name: apress
Password: xxxxxx
Database (Select):
When I click select so the Dreamweaver can browse to the databases in
MySQL the connection is not being made because Dreamweaver cannot find
the MySQL Server.   I think that "localhost" is wrong even though I am
using the APRESS book: PHP Dreamweaver MX 2004 and it says to use
localhost.  MySQL and PHP are on my local machine.   I am NOT using a
remote machine.  I used phpMyAdmin to create the databases.  Any

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